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By this blog I hope that I can make Business people looking on their employees from different perspective or putted more human way and I am confident that business can make big move forward and  be…

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Golden Years

Aging is something you can’t stop. It is a life cycle. If I could be Immortal I will not take this option. If I would be Immortal and people who I love not I will see them all go and they will be gone forever. I really could not face it. My worst years was from 11 till 24. I was living in hell and suffer horrible pain in my life. True the years you will get knowledge and learn but at the moment I think life is cruel. It teaches very hard and horrible. You get lots of hurt and disappointment. on another way my rough life hood with my parents teach me how life is hard and most of time you are on your own. You do not realize how old you are till your birthday. I do not rather think about my age I would like to be young in my mind and spirit. From my 25 years I have different life as I came in UK and I don’t have any close friends in here. I was on my own but now I have my own life in here with my husband and children but I still sometime feel like I am cursed. My life is hard here as well but without my parents is a bit more bearable. Unfortunately as did have bad childhood I am suffering most of the days feeling lost and tired like 60 years old as I did not have nice base for may life. 

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Writerly Reflections

I was growing up in East Europe where the life is very hard and I did have very tough childhood. I was 11 years old when I first time saw that something is not right. I start to saw that my mother is alcoholic and I did not have Idea what is coming next in my life. When I was in that age I did like to read different books but mostly it was Poetry. I was looking for some kind of exit from situation of my life. I love books about Unicorns and fantasy worlds and I do have Imagination about my special my own unicorn and world where I am happy. 

As I was getting older my life get much more hard and not bearable, this was the point when I start writing my poems. My first poem was actually about death which most of my poems was about. I was in horrible soul pain and still am. I could not cope with it as my mother when she was drunk was very aggressive and provoke my father till he get mad. I was living in fear and pain every day. So I found some kind of relieve in writing poems and put my pain out of my Inside. Most of the poems was about death and escaping to the another worlds away from my horror.

Nobody new that I am writing poems until one day I gave my diary to my mother to read. She was crying when she rode but it did not change her life. So I din continue writing till I left my home my living hell and came to the United Kingdom.

Most of my poems when I was writing it my soul and my heart was so much in pain and torture. Now I did write some but as I sad is only if I am depressed or want go away from reality. It is my way to take my pain and suffering away but I do realize is just words on the paper. But it still make me feel better.  . 

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Importance of training

It was very long time for writing. I was just I presume busy with family and not very good start of a NEW YEAR. I eventually find the time to come back and write some more.

So why is a training such an Important? Every company small or big relay on a staff. People who works for them to Improve business.  If you don`t have appropriate training can`t really work with successful results.

If the work is base on team work, people who don`t have an training slow down work of a team. Because they really don`t know what to do and if it is very busy and they keep asking question how to do a job, it will slow work and stress factor will be very high.

So the best think to do is to make sure that people know what they doing and how to make work not so much stressful and find the solution how to make work more sufficient. The secret of the sufficiency is:

Good Organization

Welcoming atmosphere from Supervisors and Management

Information between departments

Enough working equipment

Team meetings to pass information what is going on in the company

Changes of structure in the company or working Technics

The training have to be provide for a New Employees coming to work for a company. And I don`t mean just within 10 minutes before a rush. Every Supervisor and Manager should find the time for a team and plan training thoroughly.

If they are training Technics which change all team have to be train to become familiar with changes. Not that I come to work after sick or holiday and everything was change like happened in my job. I will look like I don`t care about the work and not prepared.


Retraining is very sufficient as well. If the people will repeat training they will get better in what they doing and don`t forget very quick.

If you have staff who is working not very regular should be ask for a contact and email if possible to let them know which day is a training, time and topic.

Like me my Supervisor, Restaurant even HR has my number but they never gave me a call if it was meeting or update meeting, than I come to work and find out that team meeting was about two days ego. It making me feel like I am not part of a team or Restaurant or even Hotel Itself. Of course after these happening true my work in there I lost my motivation and going just there to do job and come quickly back home.

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Make the diffrence

By this blog I hope that I can make Business people looking on their employees from different perspective or putted more human way and I am confident that business can make big move forward and  be successful. Most of businesses forget that if they have people  who work for them they actually depend on them. I am working in Hotels and Lodging Trade which is booming right now and they are build on Feedback from Guests. This work make me think that this kind of work and knowledge for 12 years could be base stone for every business as everything depends on a customers or guests. If the employees are happy and motivated they will work professionally and with drive. If your people lose motivation it will impact on a quality of work or Service.

Steps how to chose right person:

  • Starting point is Interview. Look for a candidate, is he/she smiling, cope with nervousness or tension well, can you see confident walk , appropriate clothing, sitting down with open space or keeping close?
  • Body language
  • Eye Contact
  • Introducing himself/herself,
  • Approaching as a first with firm and confident handshake

What happens next….

If candidate is successful and starting to work:

  • Nice looking uniform,
  • Timing
  • Quality of work
  • Smile
  • Confident
  • Not moody!!
  • Efficiency and professionalism
  • Loyalty and Respect for Management and Supervisory

Points for a Employer:

  • Always greet your people. If your people come to work and say Good Morning and you don’t answer and Ignoring them they will feel stressed, tension from the morning and motivation go down.
  • NEVER SHOUT ON TO YOUR PEOPLE. If my supervisor shout at me I am feeling like not respected and angry, SMILE go away.
  • Make sure that you have enough working tools and supply that your people have tools to work with and not running around all company to find them. It will delay time and increase stress factor.
  • Make sure that your people know what to except from the day ahead, information and communications between departments and your staff are always there.

Make sure that all newcomers have appropriate training and know building for navigation if something is needed from different department.

REMEMBER: Your employees are wheels for your business to Shine.

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