Make the diffrence

By this blog I hope that I can make Business people looking on their employees from different perspective or putted more human way and I am confident that business can make big move forward and  be successful. Most of businesses forget that if they have people  who work for them they actually depend on them. I am working in Hotels and Lodging Trade which is booming right now and they are build on Feedback from Guests. This work make me think that this kind of work and knowledge for 12 years could be base stone for every business as everything depends on a customers or guests. If the employees are happy and motivated they will work professionally and with drive. If your people lose motivation it will impact on a quality of work or Service.

Steps how to chose right person:

  • Starting point is Interview. Look for a candidate, is he/she smiling, cope with nervousness or tension well, can you see confident walk , appropriate clothing, sitting down with open space or keeping close?
  • Body language
  • Eye Contact
  • Introducing himself/herself,
  • Approaching as a first with firm and confident handshake

What happens next….

If candidate is successful and starting to work:

  • Nice looking uniform,
  • Timing
  • Quality of work
  • Smile
  • Confident
  • Not moody!!
  • Efficiency and professionalism
  • Loyalty and Respect for Management and Supervisory

Points for a Employer:

  • Always greet your people. If your people come to work and say Good Morning and you don’t answer and Ignoring them they will feel stressed, tension from the morning and motivation go down.
  • NEVER SHOUT ON TO YOUR PEOPLE. If my supervisor shout at me I am feeling like not respected and angry, SMILE go away.
  • Make sure that you have enough working tools and supply that your people have tools to work with and not running around all company to find them. It will delay time and increase stress factor.
  • Make sure that your people know what to except from the day ahead, information and communications between departments and your staff are always there.

Make sure that all newcomers have appropriate training and know building for navigation if something is needed from different department.

REMEMBER: Your employees are wheels for your business to Shine.

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