Importance of training

It was very long time for writing. I was just I presume busy with family and not very good start of a NEW YEAR. I eventually find the time to come back and write some more.

So why is a training such an Important? Every company small or big relay on a staff. People who works for them to Improve business.  If you don`t have appropriate training can`t really work with successful results.

If the work is base on team work, people who don`t have an training slow down work of a team. Because they really don`t know what to do and if it is very busy and they keep asking question how to do a job, it will slow work and stress factor will be very high.

So the best think to do is to make sure that people know what they doing and how to make work not so much stressful and find the solution how to make work more sufficient. The secret of the sufficiency is:

Good Organization

Welcoming atmosphere from Supervisors and Management

Information between departments

Enough working equipment

Team meetings to pass information what is going on in the company

Changes of structure in the company or working Technics

The training have to be provide for a New Employees coming to work for a company. And I don`t mean just within 10 minutes before a rush. Every Supervisor and Manager should find the time for a team and plan training thoroughly.

If they are training Technics which change all team have to be train to become familiar with changes. Not that I come to work after sick or holiday and everything was change like happened in my job. I will look like I don`t care about the work and not prepared.


Retraining is very sufficient as well. If the people will repeat training they will get better in what they doing and don`t forget very quick.

If you have staff who is working not very regular should be ask for a contact and email if possible to let them know which day is a training, time and topic.

Like me my Supervisor, Restaurant even HR has my number but they never gave me a call if it was meeting or update meeting, than I come to work and find out that team meeting was about two days ego. It making me feel like I am not part of a team or Restaurant or even Hotel Itself. Of course after these happening true my work in there I lost my motivation and going just there to do job and come quickly back home.

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