Golden Years

Aging is something you can’t stop. It is a life cycle. If I could be Immortal I will not take this option. If I would be Immortal and people who I love not I will see them all go and they will be gone forever. I really could not face it. My worst years was from 11 till 24. I was living in hell and suffer horrible pain in my life. True the years you will get knowledge and learn but at the moment I think life is cruel. It teaches very hard and horrible. You get lots of hurt and disappointment. on another way my rough life hood with my parents teach me how life is hard and most of time you are on your own. You do not realize how old you are till your birthday. I do not rather think about my age I would like to be young in my mind and spirit. From my 25 years I have different life as I came in UK and I don’t have any close friends in here. I was on my own but now I have my own life in here with my husband and children but I still sometime feel like I am cursed. My life is hard here as well but without my parents is a bit more bearable. Unfortunately as did have bad childhood I am suffering most of the days feeling lost and tired like 60 years old as I did not have nice base for may life. 

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